Check the differences between headlight and bulb types for your car


Do you know all the types of headlamps your car can have, in which situations to use each one, and which type of lamp can they be fitted with? In this article, we will explain all this to you.

Different types of Best LED Headlights help improve the visibility of the driver in traffic, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, to prevent accidents. In each situation, one type of headlight and lamp is used, all based on CONTRAN Resolution 227. It is important to know the different types of headlights and bulbs available in the market so that you can decide the best one for your car.

What are the types of headlights?

In the old days, when the carriages were leaving the scene to make way for the first cars, the headlight used kerosene and paraffin candles and lanterns. Over time and as technology evolves today, cars can have up to three main types of headlights: conventional , fog and mile .

Conventional Lighthouse

It is the vehicle's main source of light and typically has three levels of brightness - flashlight, low beam and high beam. The conventional headlamp can be equipped with different types of lamps, the most commonly used being halogen.

Flashlight : Flashlight lights turn on automatically when in low light places.

Low Light : This light is the one we normally use to travel at night, through tunnels or even daytime highways, according to the new legislation. It is a compromise between flashlight and high light as it illuminates a few meters ahead and is less intense than high light.

High Light : By law, its use is permitted only on unenlightened roads, except when crossing another vehicle, or to alert the driver in front of any overtaking or risk to the vehicles on the road.


Its name already indicates its use: in cases of fog, fog or even storms. It serves to help the driver see the track just in front of the vehicle, a visibility point that is compromised by these weather events. It is important to note that the fog light does not replace the low light, which should always be lit. In addition to the main headlight kit, the fog light in this case still favors the visibility of the vehicle to other drivers.

Mile Lighthouse

This type of headlight is an additional accessory because it is not usually factory installed in the vehicle. They complement the function of the high beam headlight with a long, directional focus to allow obstacles to be viewed from a greater distance than conventional headlights. Its installation depends on specifications of CONTRAN Resolution, complying with the requirements regarding lamps and temperatures, among others. Its use should be restricted to roads and roads without street lighting, ie in situations where night visibility is impaired by the lack of other light sources.

What are the types of lamps for these headlights?


This is the most commonly used lamp in cars today. It has a low cost and generates less glare in the driver's vision when driving in the opposite direction. Since the halogen lamp works by means of gases that light up when filaments are heated by an electric current, they consume a lot of energy from the car.

This lamp has a longer lifetime than halogen because it uses no filament as a power source, but electrons from its own interior. On the other hand, it has a high cost, which prevents even included as a factory item by automakers. If the driver wants, it is possible to change the halogen lamp in a vehicle to an LED, but a complete overhaul on the Detran and some car adjustments are required.

It is a type of halogen lamp, but uses another type of gas for its operation. It has a longer life than normal halogen lamps, and may have different colors, such as violet, white and blue. Vehicles equipped with this type of lamp are usually the most expensive in the industry, and follow a CONTRAN resolution for their use.